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Russco’s unwavering attention to detail is pivotal to our clients.  Limani, a boutique restaurant concept, serves as a prime showcase. With a meticulously crafted seafood-focused menu, Limani transports its guests to the Mediterranean with a slice of Greece and Cyprus.

As devoted partners, Limani relies on Russco’s consistent commitment to precision. Their spaces’ elegant designs, harmonize seamlessly with their meticulously prepared offerings, to create a Mediterranean culinary experience that sings.

From Charlotte NC’s Phillips Plaza, to Boston MA’s Seaport, and Washington DC’s Wharf, we have helped foster Limani’s brand expansion. These projects span urban and suburban single-story spaces, intricate interiors, private dining, and even a breathtaking three-story flagship in the heart of DC, boasting stunning exterior spaces overlooking the Washington Channel by the Potomac River waterfront.

Russco continues to exceed client expectations, driving towards their success with unwavering dedication.

Limani, Washington DC | Location: Wharf Street

Photography by: ©️ Joseph D. Tran Photography

Limani, Boston MA | Location: Seaport

Photography by: ©️ Damianos Photography

Limani, Charlotte NC | Location: Phillips Place

Photography by: ©️ Joe Ciarlante