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Russco's New Social Media Look

Russco's New Social Media Look

Where is Russco Social?

You can find us on four of the major players - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. While content from time to time may overlap, we treat each platform with it's own personality while still embodying the Russco feel.


Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio. Primarily we will share photos of our current work, while also touching on the culture at Russco. Light hearted interviews with internal employees, company news, and achievements will give you a more comprehensive look at one of the nation's leading retail general contractors. You may also see a contest here and there, LIKE and stay tuned.


Our artsy side. Yes construction can have an artsy side. Who doesn't see beauty in steel erection or laying studs? Here we examine the details in our work, through eye-catching colorful images of our process, people, and personality. You don't have to be in the construction industry to appreciate our portrayal. Follow.



By definition 'twitter' is a series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds. While the only high pitch sounds we like is the backup alarm on a forklift, we will aim to give you short tid bits on the humorous side of retail construction with such jokes as, "how do construction workers party?" "they raise the roof!"...we thought it was funny.



The intellectual better half to Twitter. Here you'll find the nuts and bolts of our company. Full description of our history, work and stats. Daily updates of industry articles, client celebrations and knowledge via our own Russco blog, sharing what we've learned. Connect with us now.

May 27, 2016