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Russco + Blink Fitness Take on Historic Project

Russco + Blink Fitness Take on Historic Project

On the corner of 4th Avenue and President Street in Park Slope stands an important part of New York City history, The Brooklyn Lyceum.

In 1906, Raymond F. Almirall was commissioned to design and construct a public bathhouse in the Renaissance Revival style. Almirall was known for designing Brooklyn's Central Library and Former Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank so the anticipation for the creation of the Brooklyn Lyceum was great. Amongst many detailed features, the most prominent were his images of Triton, dolphins and urns of flowing water which decorated the buildings facade.

When Russco was approached by Blink Fitness to partner on this historic venture, we jumped at the opportunity. The buildout consists of nearly 20,000 sqft spread across three levels. While the original bathhouse boasted the largest indoor swimming pool in the country at one time, the new facility will not have a pool or sauna, but will be replaced with immaculate men's and women's locker rooms that will stand where the original pool did over a century ago.

With the assistance of fifteen subcontractors, Russco will transform the elaborate building with it's 30' cathedral ceiling, exposed brick and one hundred year old steel beams into the upbeat and modern Blink Fitness gym by early June 2017.

Stay tuned!

March 14, 2017