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Meet Lucy! Spotlight Interview with Russco's Assistant Accountant

Meet Lucy! Spotlight Interview with Russco's Assistant Accountant

Q: What is your current position at Russco?

A: Assistant Accountant

Q: How long have you worked for Russco?

A: 12 years

Q: Can you recall the exact moment you knew you wanted to work in the construction industry?

A: I can’t really say I ever wanted to work in the construction industry even though I have been around it all my life. What drew me to Russco, which happens to be a construction company, was the idea that was about family. I knew that from my interview that these were people who cared. So I can’t really say I was drawn to this company because of construction, but because of the comradery that I could see.

Q: How do you make a tuna sandwich?

A: Seriously? Tuna, Hummus, Lettuce, on a wrap.

Q: What has been your biggest achievement at Russco?

A: I have been here 12 years, but there is really no one big achievement. There is just the feeling that you get things done the way they need to be.

Q: If you could be any fictional character who would you be?

A: Lucy Van Pelt from the Peanuts because she is awesome. She played football, baseball, and was a Psychiatrist, all while in elementary school. Who could be a better role model than that? 

Q: Do you believe in life after love?

A: I come from a big family, as does my husband, so it is not something I would ever think would cease to exist. Love is always there. It’s unconditional and comes in different forms. It’s how my mom raised all six of us and how I live my life and hopefully something my children will learn to do also.

Q: Russco offers you CEO for the day, what would you do?

A: Have everyone change jobs for the day. Everyone seems to get caught up in what they do and not that that’s a bad thing, but sometimes they need to see what other people need to contend with on a daily basis. 

Q: What do you think about when you are alone in your car?

A: Very rarely does this ever happen. But usually I have a running list of things I need to do. It’s the same list that keeps me up at night.

Q: What major evolutions do you foresee for the construction industry?

A: More Green! We as a whole need to think about the environment and leaving something behind for future generations.

Q: Three things you can't live without - excluding people...

A: Love, Food, and Music.

Q: What advice would you give a new Accounting member starting with Russco?

A: Accountants live in the world of black and white. There are times when you need to let the colors mix.

Q: What’s your favorite tool?

A: A screwdriver, you always need a screwdriver.

Q: Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

A: Too many things to list, but I would tell people if I wanted them to know...

What a great glimpse into your world Lucy! Thanks for sharing with us and here's to another 12 years. - Russco, Inc.

August 23, 2017