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Job Site Photo Tips Every Contractor Should Know Posted by RusscoInc on June 13, 2016

Job Site Photo Tips Every Contractor Should Know

Job site photos are extremely important for a multitude of reasons. "In-progress" shots can serve as proof for insurance purposes, tracking the various stages of the construction process and verifying procedures were done correctly and on time. They also serve as a timestamp for where the project is and where it is going. In our day and age of social media, photos also serve as a great marketing tool and are vital to your construction portfolio. We've provided the following photo tips to ensure you are getting the most out of every shot.

Russco's New Social Media Look Posted by RusscoInc on May 27, 2016

Russco's New Social Media Look

You can't truly validate yourself as a company these days without a social media presence. Social media connects you with those who matter on a deeper level, while keeping your company front of mind. With over 60 years in the construction industry, we are so excited to be able to share our rich history, work updates and knowledge through the following outlets. Here's what to expect.